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Waddington Photographic – originally Central Studios, began life in the mid 1960’s, commercial photography being the core business back then. In 1970, Central Studios (Photographic) Ltd. was created in order to retail photographic equipment. The trading style was changed to Waddington Photographic in 1997 and continued successfully until 2007 when the premises and goodwill were sold to Wilkinson Cameras of Preston. Used stock is currently being offered on Ebay – please see the links below.

Family member, Andrew Waddington, has returned the business to it’s roots by concentrating his life to the pursuit of landscape photography. Some of his pictures can be viewed by clicking the links below.




Picture Gallery

Click below to enter Andrew Waddington’s gallery of landscape images from around the world. Andrew has concentrated on America’s Colorado Plateau but also spent time shooting as far afield as Patagonia, Tibet and Europe. Forthcoming trips to the America’s are planned for 2014

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Ebay Sales

The retail outlet of Waddington Photographic has been acquired by Wilkinson Cameras of Preston. Not all stock was purchased however, and there are still some very tasty items to be had, these will be listed in our Ebay shop at the following link
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You can also browse our older gallery here.




Important Information

October 2007 saw the acquisition of the retail store of Waddington Photographic by Wilkinson Cameras. It is the aim of Wilkinson Cameras to continue to provide great service and knowledge as Waddington Photographic customers had come to expect, this continued customer service is backed by our huge range of stock and our competitive pricing policy we look forward to being of service to you.
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