About Andrew Waddington

As a youngster one of my first toys was a broken Nikon F2 gifted to me by my father before I was old enough to realise cameras don’t like sand, water and abusive 5 year old boys.

Despite coming from a photographic family it took until my late 30’s before I bought my own SLR. Like many landscape photographers I grew up with a keen interest in the outdoors, overnight hiking became multi day hikes, which further progressed to hiking entire summers. A bicycle trip took me half way round the world and still I wanted to see and do more.

That thirst hasn’t slowed down, however, through photography I’ve discovered a new and more rewarding way of appreciating my surroundings. America’s Colorado Plateau has been of huge interest as evidenced by my rock formations gallery, however it’s hoped that in the coming years I can branch out and develop my skills in some of the lesser known and more remote parts of the world.

Photographic Equipment

I currently use a Canon 5D2 with a wide range of Canon professional lenses both zoom, prime and TS. I also use panoramic equipment and have fully embraced techniques such as focus stacking and increased dynamic range.
Photo editing is via Photoshop and Lightroom.